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Film Fact

“Cape No. 7” is about the unwavering pursuits for music, dreams and love and provides a lavish presentation of South Taiwan’s breathtaking scenery through its top-notch cinematography.

Director Wei, a former assistant director under the legendary Edward Yang, has exquisitely portrays a hidden love from the 1940’s Japanese-occupied Taiwan. Unable to disclose his affection for a Taiwanese lady prior to returning to Japan, a Japanese teacher reveals his love in seven unforgettably passionate letters. Although these letters weren’t mailed until some 70 years later, they ignite a series of events and become a catalyst of another inter-cultural love affair.
“Cape No. 7” received strong word-of-mouth during its initial release in Taiwan resulting in local box-office surpassing not only Ang Lee’s “Lust: Caution” and “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon” but also such international blockbusters as “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”  “Cape No. 7” is now the highest-grossing film ever produced in Taiwan and is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing film ever in Taiwanese box-office history.


Over 60 years ago, Taiwan was recovered, and the Japanese had to be evacuated. A Japanese male teacher on board the ship leaving Taiwan for Japan left his lover alone in Taiwan, whose name was Tomoko. He couldn’t express his feelings toward Tomoko personally, so he wrote them down in seven letters.

After 60 years or so, almost everything has changed in Taiwan. People are striving for their lives. Seven ordinary persons with their own dreams for music—Aga, the depressed lead vocal of a band; Old Mao, the old postman who can only play yukin; Frog, a grease monkey fixing motorcycles; Dada, a girl who plays piano for the church choir; Malasun, a millet wine salesman; Rauma the policeman and his father—who are not related at all are now playing in one warm-up band for a concert at the beach. They have to be ready in three days, which worries Tomoko, the coordinator from Japan, very much.

Aga is a substitutive postman who does nothing but piling up the mails in his own room. Among the mails, he discovers a package from Japan, with the old address of “Cape No.7, Hengchung County” on it. Out of curiosity, he opens the package and finds that the letters inside it are all written in Japanese, which he cannot understand at all. Therefore, he takes no notice of it and puts it under his bed, pretending that nothing has ever happened.

With the performing date approaching, these seven persons realize that it could be the only way for their dreams to come true, which is why they start practicing. But the hostility between Aga and Tomoko hinders the band from progressing. Finally, on a wedding reception in town, after a couple of drinks, Aga and Tomoko show their loneliness, and express their feelings hidden under their seeming anger, which results in a one-night stand.
In Aga’s room, Tomoko sees the package from Japan and learns that it contains seven unsent love letters from 60 years ago. She asks Aga to deliver the package to the receiver of it, but the address on it no longer exists. The Japanese singer is coming soon, and the warm-up band is still a mess. Will their music dreams be realized eventually? Will the love letters that have lain dormant for 60 years be sent to their receiver who is also named Tomoko?

You can only live once, but you may have a zillion dreams. Only if you strive to reach your goal can you know whether the chance is yours or not…

About the Film
Extradition of the Japanese aliens

The story of “Cape No.7” begins with the extradition of the Japanese aliens. When the Japanese Colonial Period ended, all the Japanese in Taiwan had to be extradited to Japan. It marks the end of an era, leaving not only regrets and hatred, but friendship, affection and love. We make an assumption that a teacher was in love with his student at that time. When they could finally be together, they were forced to be separated by the ending of the war. The story is derived from the pity of love, and thereby comes an old address from the Japanese Colonial Period.

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  • yrleu
  • CAPENO.7也是7個字,屌!
  • Han
  • Cape N"p".7 in English

    No. 打成 Np.

  • Han
  • 資料夾改好後......


  •  楊三
  • 楊三

    Cape No. 7 < 海角七號 > continues riding on its tsunami waves to move and shake audiences across Taiwan and all over the world, without the tides subsiding in sight. Its momentum sweeps even over our lives, prompting us to plan and take a holiday trip around it.

    This past weekend my friend and I went on a Cape No. 7 tour, looking for the scenery and scenes that contributed to the director's success. The Kenting Peninsula had always been my favorite spot in Taiwan – we make homage trips to pay our respects to Taiwan's rich natural resources and awe-inspiring coastlines every year – but Cape No. 7 made it that much more endearing.

    We left early in the morning, stopping by my hometown to pick up my foldable bike. As we loaded the truck with light luggage and two bicycles and waived goodbye to my parents who stood side by side to see us off, I sensed a hint of unusual excitement in the car even for extended trips to Kenting – probably, I guess, due to knowing that we were about to trace the steps of a great director who was making film history in Taiwan.

    With the movie's soundtrack blaring in the background, we drove nonstop to Kenting – with a slight detour that is our ritual, of course, at Chaozhou (潮州) for the ever-famous "Hot/Cold Ice" (燒冷冰). The ice costs about NTD30 per dish, but the experience of having cold shaved ice melt in your month while simultaneously chewing down hot bean soup is an experience that is definitely worth every cent of it plus ever so much more.

    Fed and satisfied, and armed with a tourist's map printed at a local Seven Eleven, we began our own Cape No. 7 journey. In our car, on our bikes, and with our feet, we zigzagged around the Peninsula seeing Kenting for the first time through Director Wei's eyes. Every place we stopped, there were people like us with cameras at hand, giggling, pointing, and posing, each of us recalling scenes from the movies as we remembered them.

    It was a strange feeling seeing a place so familiar to me through another's eyes, so strange that it felt almost like reliving my past in someone else's dimension. Have you ever visited a house in which you grew up after it had been sold to and occupied by another family? That was exactly how I felt as I went from shot after shot as identified by the movie. There it was the beach where the main characters hugged. There stood the hotel where the concert was held. There it lay the mountain range along which the old mailman passed and fell. And there it decayed the aged castle walls through which the protagonist rode.

    It was nostalgia mixed with an ever so slight sense of intrusion. I wondered if Kenting would feel the same to me again.

    Of course, I have high regards for the movie and the director. Director Wei deserves all the kudos that he is receiving for preserving to the end to tell his story. In that sense, nostalgic values and tradition should be preserved even if at the cost of feelings of intrusion.

    In the end Cape No. 7 is the best news for Taiwan these days. Time changes and roses are picked against their will. But I pray to the mountain and ocean gods that they will look over and bless Taiwan forever.


  • Laila
  • 強烈建議重新翻譯成英文。

  • michael
  • 我也喜歡這部電影,但是用台灣最成功的電影來形容,會不會引起反效果?畢竟,若具體一點,也許票房最好的台灣電影,若講最成功,恐怕會有不好的反面情緒出現。畢竟,好不容易開始現在一代的台灣人喜歡看台彎電影,要好好珍惜,不要想把市場在這一片中一次做光。我真的沒有貶低的意思,我也知道會引來許多人的攻擊,但是好不容易發芽的幼苗,希望別一次就把他玩光光。
  • lo
  • 七色彩虹宣傳照



    《海角七號》有幾個《七》? (2008.11.25更新補充)




    PS: 以上純屬[趣味性], 希望海迷生活輕鬆點,別想太多!!!!
  • CHWu
  • 海角要進軍國際了,

  • RobertKent
  • 非常贊同8樓大大的意見
  • www.tsdblog.cn
  • www.tsdblog.cn

  • 高雄人
  • 我認為這張比原來的更棒,彩虹的七種顏色,也直接點出關鍵的七個人物。請問哪有這原張大小的圖
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  • nini
  • can someone tell me where i can download the songs of cape no.7